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How to plan your first website in 8 steps


How to plan your first website in 8 steps

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner, having a website is a must in today’s professional society. But walking blindly into the world of site creation can be a bit daunting. Create a to-do list to plan a website before you build it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

To fair understanding we have created to do list for you-

1. Identify your website goals

a. Digital Presence

b. Showcase your product/services

c. Handle inquiries

d. Share your USP

e. Connectivity with new prospects

f. Connectivity with clients

g. Compliances

h. Knowledge sharing

2. Identify your target audience

a. Helps to create own data bank

b. Understanding customer behavior

c. Help to design products/solutions

3. Define your unique selling proposition

a. Company expertise

b. Comparative study

c. Vision and mission

4. Secure a domain name (and hosting)

a. Domain is your unique identity in web.

b. Hosting helps to make your website online (available to all once live)

c. Domain and Hosting is renewable service

5. Finalize the text content

a. Create a document file with all website contents (Page/section wise)

b. Finalize Menus

c. Finalize Submenus

6. Choose a Suitable Website template

a. Tell your Designer to share the proposed template for your website.

b. Template is proposed layout of your website

c. Template is the preview of your website which tells how its appearance after completion.

7. Understand feasibility for template with professional

a. Coordinate with your designing team and take feedback.

b. Ask for modification scope in the template.

8. Conclusion

a. Ask for development charges

b. Understand about all third party service.

c. Support policy of development team.

d. All Renewable charges

e. Annual Maintenance Contract with (do’s and Don’ts)

f. Release order

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