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What is a Web Hosting Service?


What is a Web Hosting Service?

Web Hosting is the name of the process which makes a website publicly available on the Internet. The hosting provider leases you an allocation virtual space (i.e. 50GB/100GB/1TB etc) on a server, which is usually housed along with hundreds more in a purpose-built data center.

A server is basically a powerful computer.

Your website is stored on the server.

The server also provides access to your site for anyone around the world who is connected to the Internet.

Finding the right Web Hosting service provider is an important early decision for any website owner to make.

Types of Web Hosting (based on Operating system)

Linux Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting Server (based on cost)

Shared Server Hosting (Linux /Windows)

It is cheap.

Less secure and poor performance.

Suitable for static website hosting.

Limited resource and configuration.

Virtual Private Server

It is cheaper than a dedicated server and costly than shared hosting.

Suitable for static website hosting and web applications both.

Secure and good performance.

Optimum resource and configuration.


It is cheaper than dedicated server and costly than shared hosting.

Suitable for multiple websites and multi module application like ERP and CRM.

Very Secure and excellent performance.

High-end resource and configuration.

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